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Editing help

If you've come here looking for help on editing CAZypedia pages, see the Help:Editing page instead.

There are specific directions for adding literature references on the Help:References page.

Information on how to add images to CAZypedia pages can be found on the Help:Images page.

There is also a Getting Started Guide, which contains some set-by-step information on setting up your user account and creating new pages.

Background information on CAZypedia

  • Information on the purpose and goals of CAZypedia can be found on the About page.
  • If you are new to the wiki concept, see this page.
  • To make or edit pages, you must have a user account. To get an account, please contact the Board of Curators. You may also contact the Primary Curator by e-mail (details here.)
  • Before requesting permission to contribute, please read CAZypedia's general editing and authoring guidelines on the CAZypedia:About page.
  • You can also read about CAZypedia's current copyright and privacy policies.

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