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Polysaccharide Lyase Families

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This page lists all the Polysaccharide Lyase (PL) Family pages in CAZypedia that have been given Curator Approved status, as well as those that are currently under construction.


Polysaccharide lyases (PLs) cleave uronic acid-containing polysaccharides via a β-elimination mechanism to generate an unsaturated hexenuronic acid residue and a new reducing end at the point of cleavage [1, 2, 3]. A detailed explanation of the catalytic mechanism employed by these enzymes can be found on the Polysaccharide Lyases lexicon page.

Note: Alpha-glucan lyases are distinct from the Polysaccharide Lyases. Alpha-glucan lyases are structurally, and to some extent mechanistically, related to the glycoside hydrolases of family GH31, with which they are classified.

Curator Approved

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These pages have been approved by the Responsible Curator as essentially complete. CAZypedia is a living document, so further improvement of these pages is still possible; please see the individual pages for more information.

There are currently 11 Curator approved Polysaccharide Lyase (PL) Family pages in CAZypedia.

          Under construction

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          These pages are currently under construction in CAZypedia. As such, the Responsible Curator has deemed that the page's content is not quite up to CAZypedia's standards for full public consumption. All information on these pages should therefore be considered to be under revision and may be subject to major changes.

          There are currently 11 Polysaccharide Lyase Family pages Under construction in CAZypedia.

                  Unassigned pages

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                  The following Unassigned pages are currently lacking a Responsible Curator and one or more Authors. If you are an expert on any of these families and would like to help us improve CAZypedia by getting involved with the production and maintenance of the corresponding page(s), please contact a member of the Board of Curators.

                  All PL Family pages not listed above are currently unassigned. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved with the creation of these pages. Undergraduate students, (post)graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, research associates, and professors are all welcomed to contribute!

                  Deleted families

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                  The following Polysaccharide Lyase families have been deleted from the CAZy database. Please see the individual CAZypedia pages and links to the corresponding CAZy DB pages for specific explanations.

                  There are currently 1 pages in CAZypedia that describe families deleted from the CAZy DB.


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