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#wimmer2002 pmid=11996838
#tondervik2010 pmid=20826807
#ozten2002 pmid=12070330
#stenvik2012 pmid=22623322
#aachmann2003 pmid=14983070
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#aachmann2006 pmid=16407237
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#gawin2020 pmid=32719381
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#isaksen2014 pmid=24324265
#courtade2016 pmid=27152023
#courtade2018 pmid=29967065
#courtade2020 pmid=32723819
#tondervik2013 pmid=23808543
#tondervik2013 pmid=23808543
#rieder2013 pmid=23399260
#buchinger2016 pmid=25266718
#arlov2014 pmid=24844124
#tondervik2014 pmid=25409186
#dalheim2016 pmid=26708091
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#westereng2020 pmid=32764705
#merk2020 pmid=32010681
#khong2012 pmid=22424830
#stanisci2020 pmid=32149266
#leth2018 pmid=29610517

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