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Camila Santos obtained her Ph.D. in Functional and Molecular Biology (with emphasis in Biochemistry) from the University of Campinas in 2009. Since then, she investigates the molecular mechanisms governing the action of CAZymes as researcher at the Brazilian Biorenewables National Laboratory. She has contributed to structural and functional studies of CAZymes from families GH2 [1], GH5 [2, 3, 4, 5], GH10 [6, 7, 8], GH11 [9], GH12 [10], GH16 [11], GH39 [12, 13], GH43 [14], GH51 [15, 16], GH57 [17] and GH128 [18]. Her most recent contribution is on the family 128 [18], which substantially expands the understanding of the molecular mechanisms for breakdown and modification of β-1,3-glucans.


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