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Nobukiyo Tanaka received a Science from Tokyo University of Science under the supervision of Dr. Hayao Taguchi and Dr. Masahiro Nakajima in 2019. He is currently an assistant professor at the same university. He has identified and characterized Talaromyces funiculosus endo-β-1,2-glucanase (GH162) and determined its 3D structures [1].

  • GH162 Talaromyces funiculosus (fungal) endo-β-1,2-glucanase [1]

  1. Tanaka N, Nakajima M, Narukawa-Nara M, Matsunaga H, Kamisuki S, Aramasa H, Takahashi Y, Sugimoto N, Abe K, Terada T, Miyanaga A, Yamashita T, Sugawara F, Kamakura T, Komba S, Nakai H, and Taguchi H. (2019). Identification, characterization, and structural analyses of a fungal endo-β-1,2-glucanase reveal a new glycoside hydrolase family. J Biol Chem. 2019;294(19):7942-7965. DOI:10.1074/jbc.RA118.007087 | PubMed ID:30926603 [Tanaka2019]