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User:Stefan Janecek

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I am a research scientist at the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia.

I am a group leader heading the Laboratory of Protein Evolution.

I am most interested in the enzymes and proteins from the alpha-amylase family - the clan GH-H of glycoside hydrolase families GH13, GH70 and GH77 as well as the family GH57, especially in their evolution as well as their structure-function and structure-stability relationships. In addition, I am also very interested in bioinformatics studies of starch-binding domains, mainly from the families CBM20, CBM21 and CBM48.

We have three amylolytic enzymes that are used as experimental models: (i) GH13 alpha-amylase from Thermococcus hydrothermalis; (ii) GH57 amylopullulanase from Thermococcus hydrothermalis; and (iii) GH77 amylomaltase from Borrelia burgdorferi. Our experimental work is focused on protein design of these enzymes.

I am founder and main organiser of the international symposia on the alpha-amylase enzyme family - ALAMYs.

I am also the Managing Editor of the journal Biologia, section Cellular and Molecular Biology.