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User:Kiyohiko Igarashi

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Kiyohiko Igarashi (Kiyo) is an Associate Professor of Forest Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Biomaterial Sciences, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences in the University of Tokyo. He received PhD degree in 1999 from Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences in the University of Tokyo. Before receiving PhD, he focused on the kinetic analysis of cellobiose dehydrogenase [1, 2], extracellular flavocytochrome produced by filamentous fungi, with the late Professor Karl-Erik L. Eriksson (University of Georgia) and Professor Masahiro Samejima (University of Tokyo). After receiving the degree, he stayed in Uppsala University (Sweden) as a PostDoc from 2000 to 2001, and returned to the same lab in the University of Tokyo as an Assistant Professor. Currently he is doing kinetics of cellulase [3, 4] and other CAZymes [5, 6] combined with 3D structure. He is also focusing on the single molecular observations of cellulase and chitinase acting at the solid/liquid interface [7].

Kiyo loves staying in forest and mountainside, and lives very close to Mt. Takao, most famous mountain in Tokyo, and Tama Forest Science Garden. However, he spends totally 2.5 hrs by train to go to the lab and back to his residence everyday. He is a (self-professed) good Dad of three kids (one boy and two girls) playing tennis and radio-controlled car, and going fly- and lure-fishing with them.


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