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B.A. Stone Award for Excellence in Plant Polysaccharide Biochemistry

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Emeritus Professor Bruce Stone, 1928-2008
The B.A. Stone Medal


The B.A. Stone Award was conceived "to recognise outstanding contributions to our understanding of cell wall and more general carbohydrate biochemistry," in honor of Emeritus Professor Bruce Arthur Stone (1928-2008, a biosketch is available here). The Award, which includes a medal (pictured on right) and an honorarium, will generally be made biannually, although under some circumstances it may be awarded more (or less) frequently. The B.A. Stone Award was initiate by Megazyme Ltd. and continues to be sponsored by NEOGEN Corporation, which acquired Megazyme in 2021.

Aspects of the award include the following:

  • Reflecting Bruce's international outlook, the Award is open to scientists from all countries around the world.
  • Where appropriate, the Award will be directed toward mid-career scientists.
  • The awardee will have made at least one major contribution in the field that has achieved international recognition.
  • When possible, the Award will be presented publicly at an appropriate international scientific conference.



This page was initially produced based on key information kindly provided by Prof. Vincent Bulone and Dr. Barry McCleary.