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As described on the Biblio home page, it is in fact possible to use the reference software program EndNote to format references in a CAZypedia page. However, this method is not generally recommended, as it is rather complicated.

Furthermore, the EndNote style file referred to below should be altered to output reference tags as "#AuthorYear" not "#number". If you are really keen to use EndNote, please contact the Primary Curator before beginning work. Otherwise, the following instructions have been kept here as a matter of record.

Using EndNote for formatting references in CAZypedia

It is anticipated that many CAZypedia editors will be regular users of the reference management software EndNote. EndNote can be used to both insert the in-text citations (e.g. <cite>REF1</cite> and format content to go in the <biblio>...</bibilo> tags.

The following is a step-by-step guide to using EndNote with MS Word in Windows to format text to cut and paste into CAZypedia.

  1. Download the CAZypedia EndNote style, CAZypedia.ens, from this link ( and save the file in your EndNote styles folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\EndNote 9\Styles).
  2. Write your CAZypedia entry in MS Word, inserting references via EndNote as usual.
  3. Format your entry using the CAZypedia style (CAZypedia.ens)
    • Note that all references in the bibliography will now start with "#N, where N is the reference number and that these numbers will be referenced in the text with <cite>N</cite>.
  4. Save your Word file with an informative field name such as CAZypediaText.doc
  5. Select all of your text + references by pressing Ctrl+A (Windows)
  6. With everything selected, press Ctrl+6 to remove all EndNote "field codes."
  7. Save this version as a Word new file, e.g. CAZypediaText_NoFields.doc
  8. Copy and paste your main text into a CAZypedia page edit window.
  9. Copy and paste your bibliography under a heading titled References.
  10. Add the tag <biblio> before the bibliography.
  11. Add the tag </biblio> after the bibliography.
  12. Preview and save your entry.

This procedure will work best when writing a page from scratch. Be very careful when adding text to a page that reference codes are not used more than once in the bibliography. (You can cite a reference as much as you like in the text.)

Using EndNote to format references with PubMed IDs and ISBNs

It should be possible to combine the above two methods for building a bibliography and referencing it in the text. This would require:

  • PubMed IDs or ISBNs must be added in fields in your EndNote records.
  • The CAZypedia EndNote style must be altered to output bibliographic records in the format "#refN pmid=nnnnnnn" and "#refN isbn=yyyyyyyyyy"

Since this depends on how CAZypedia editors add PubMed IDs and ISBNs to their EndNote libraries, no general solution can be given.