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I completed my PhD in pysical organic chemistry under the guidance of Professor Tony Kirby (University of Cambridge, UK). Post-doctoral periods with Professors Steven Withers (University of British Columbia, Canada) and Ian Williams (Univeristy of Bath, UK) followed taking up a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship at the University of Bath. I am currently back on Canada's west coast, working part-time in the Vocadlo lab and following up on some earlier mechanistic studies of GH84 enzymes. My interests lie in understanding a wide variety of biologically and synthetically interesting reaction mechanisms through combinations of experimental and theoretical approaches [1].

  1. Greig IR (2010). The analysis of enzymic free energy relationships using kinetic and computational models. Chem Soc Rev. 2010;39(6):2272-301. DOI:10.1039/b902741f | PubMed ID:20419174 [Greig2010]