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Pedro M. Coutinho obtained a Licenciatura in Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology Branch) in 1989 at the Instituto Superior Técnico from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. He pursued his studies to obtain a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering with Peter Reilly in 1996 at the Iowa State University, USA. Here he performed structure-function relationship studies on glucoamylase to support a number of protein engineering efforts on this enzyme. For his Post-Doc, he moved in 1997 to the CERMAV in Grenoble and in 1998 to the AFMB in Marseille, France to work with Bernard Henrissat (external link) with whom he created in September 1998 the database on Carbohydrate-Active Enzyme, CAZy. From 1999 to 2002 he started his academic career as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. In late 2002 he settled in Marseille as a Professor at the University of Provence, where he teaches courses ranging from Bioinformatics to Applied Biocatalysis at the Biotechnology Engineering program of ESIL and at the Master on Bioinformatics, Structural Biology and Genomics from the Faculty of Sciences in Luminy. He pursues his research activities within the Glycogenomics research group from the AFMB, centered on the development of CAZy, the curation of sequence, structure and biochemical information in the database, and the development of original tools for Genomics and Metagenomics.