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User:Priscila Giuseppe

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Priscila Giuseppe earned a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the State University of Campinas and a PhD in Protein X-ray Crystallography from the Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology at the same university. Her doctoral research was conducted at CNPEM (Brazil) and Synchrotron Soleil (France), under the supervision of Beatriz Guimarães, and at the Institut Pasteur (France) under the supervision of Mathieu Picardeau. In 2011, she joined the group of Mario Murakami, as a research associate at the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio-CNPEM), contributing on several studies on the molecular mechanisms that drive protein function and biocatalysis. Since 2020 she has been a Principal Investigator at the [ Brazilian Biorenewables National Laboratory], leading a research group focused on the study and development of biocatalytic strategies for lignin valorization. In the glycobiology field, she has contributed to structural and functional studies related to members of the following CAZy families:

  • GH1 HiBG [1] and EaBglA [2]
  • GH3 XacXyl3A, XacXyl3B, XacBgl3A, XacBgl3B, XacBgl3C [3]
  • GH5 subfamily 18 BlMan5B [4]
  • GH31 XacXyl31 [3] and Bl_Glc31 [6]
  • GH38 Bl_Man38A, Bl_Man38B, Bl_Man38C [6]

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