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Ryszard Brzezinski Université de Sherbrooke, Faculté des Sciences, Département de Biologie; 2500 boul. de l'Université, Sherbrooke, Québec, J1K 2R1, Canada

Professor at the U of Sherbrooke (from 1985)

PhD with Prof. Andrzej Piekarowicz (Warsaw University, Poland) working on purification and characterization of type III DNA restriction endonucleases from Haemophilus influenzae 1977-1980

MSc with Prof. Mirosława Włodarczyk (Warsaw Uniwersity, Poland) working on mechanisms of conjugation in Escherichia coli.

Research interests: glycoside hydrolases enzymology (mainly endo- and exo-chitosanases), molecular biology of actinomycetes, environmental microbiology

CAZyme Protein structures I have contributed to:

GH2 from Amycolatopsis orientalis

GH46 from Streptomyces sp. N174