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User:Sine Larsen

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Educated at University of Copenhagen, Post doc. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1970-71)

Positions at Danish Technical University and University of Copenhagen, full professor since 1995.

Broad research background in structural chemistry and structural biology.

Director of Centre for Crystallographic Studies, Center of excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation to promote structural biology 1993-2004.

Engaged in IUCr since 1996, General Secretary and Treasurer 1996-2005, president 2008-2011.

Director of Research for Life Sciences European Synchrotron Radiation facility 2003-2009, Director of the

MAX IV Laboratory 2011-2012, Member of Scientific advisory committees for several facilities.

Currently professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.

CAZY interests have been primarily on structure determination of rhamnogalacturonan degrading enzymes.

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