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Dr. Wim Nerinckx obtained his Ph.D. in 1995 (on Chiral Phase Transfer Catalysis) at the group of Synthetic Organic Chemistry under promotion by Prof. Dr. Maurits Vandewalle at Ghent University, Belgium. He was a long-time collaborator at the research group of Prof. Dr. Marc Claeyssens, lab of Glycobiology at Ghent University, where he has been synthesizing various substrates, ligands and affinity-gels for glycoside hydrolases, scanning these enzyme's active sites by means of in silico docking experiments, and investigating common aspects of their chemical catalysis and reaction mechanisms. He is now a coworker at the Unit for Molecular Glycobiology of Prof. Dr. Nico Callewaert, V.I.B. and Ghent University. Apart from theoretical considerations on the general mechanisms catalyzed by most glycoside hydrolases, his main scientific interest currently is large-database structure-based virtual screening as tool for the development of new drug-candidates.