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Casper Wilkens obtained his B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Roskilde University under the supervision of Peter Westh and others, M.Sc. in Biochemistry from University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Leila Lo Leggio, completed his PhD under the supervision of Birte Svensson and Maher Abou Hachem in 2014 at the Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark. During his PhD Casper studied Surface Binding Sites and continued to do so during his first Post Doc at the same place. After a short Post Doc at Aalborg Univeristy Casper returned to the Technical University of Denmark and completed his third Post Doc at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with Lene Lange and Anne S. Meyer. In 2018 Casper was appointed Assistant Professor at Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine at the Technical University of Denmark. Casper's research interests concern discovery of novel carbohydrate-active enzymes and their structure-function relationships.

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