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User:Marcelo Liberato

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Marcelo liberato.jpg

Marcelo Liberato is a postdoctoral fellow in the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE). He obtained his B. Sc. in Biology from the Federal University of São Carlos and his master and PhD were obtained in Biomolecular Physics at University of São Paulo, under the supervision of Prof. Igor Polikarpov. His work is focused on multimodular enzymes, trying to comprehend the influences of accessory modules on catalytic domains. He has determined the crystal structures of

Glycoside Hydrolases:

  • GH5 Bacillus licheniformis endoglucanase [1]
  • GH12 Trichoderma harzianum endoglucanase [2]
  • GH62 Aspergillus nidulans arabinofuranosidase [3]

Carbohydrate-binding modules:

  • CBM46 Bacillus licheniformis [1]
  • CBM81 from sugar cane soil metagenome [4]


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