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User:Plinio Vieira

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Plinio Salmazo Vieira obtained his B.Sc. Lic. in Chemistry from the University of São Paulo (2010) and his Ph.D. (2016) at the University of Campinas under the supervision of Mario Murakami and Priscila Oliveira de Giuseppe. During his post-doc at Brazilian National Center for Research in Energy and Materials under the supervision of Dr. Murakami, he studied Glycoside Hydrolases from Xanthomonas that act on Xyloglucan depolymerization. He also worked on a post-doc project under the supervision of Miguel Alcalde at Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, focusing on the engineering and evolution of a GH35 β-galactosidase. He currently works as Researcher Specialist at Brazilian Biorenewables Laboratory, focusing on the discovery and the structure-function-mechanism relationship from CAZymes. He has contributed for the tridimensional structure determination and biochemical characterization of:

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