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Board of Curators

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Primary Curator

  • Harry Brumer, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CAN. - <email></email>

The Primary Curator serves as the main organizational and technical contact for CAZypedia.

Senior Curators

  • Al Boraston, The University of Victoria, CAN. - <email></email>
  • Harry Brumer, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CAN. - <email></email>
  • Gideon Davies, The University of York, GBR. - <email></email>
  • Elizabeth Ficko-Blean, Station Biologique de Roscoff, CNRS, FRA. - <email></email>
  • Shinya Fushinobu, The University of Tokyo, JPN. - <email></email>
  • Bernard Henrissat, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Marseille, FRA. - <email></email>
  • Spencer Williams (also serving as Senior Lexicon Curator), The University of Melbourne, AUS - <email></email>
  • Stephen Withers, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CAN. - <email></email>

Senior Curator Emeritus

  • Harry Gilbert, The University of Newcastle, GBR. - <email></email>

The primary function of the Senior Curators is to moderate the content of CAZypedia. Some specific duties are:

  • identification of new Responsible Curators and contributing Authors based upon expertise in the research field,
  • to oversee the inclusion of new topics or major sections in CAZypedia,
  • management of copyright issues, including granting permission to use material from CAZypedia,
  • arbitration of factual disputes involving content contributed by authors/editors.

The group of Senior Curators will serve as the ultimate authority regarding the form, content, and scope of CAZypedia and reserves the right to exert final editorial control over all contributions.

Responsible Curators

CAZypedia relies upon a number of select Responsible Curators to provide expert editorial oversight on a page-by-page basis. As such, the Responsible Curators act as primary contact points for any questions or comments for their respective pages. Responsible Curators are also in charge of selecting Authors for their pages and reviewing/editing Author contributions. The name of the corresponding Responsible Curator is listed in the header of each page.

Contact information

If you would like to make a suggestion to improve CAZypedia, or are interested in becoming an Author or Responsible Curator for a page, please contact a member of the Board of Curators at the email addresses above.

If you are already have an account on CAZypedia, you can log in and leave general comments in the Suggestion Box. Specific comments on individual pages can be left on the corresponding "Talk" page (click the Discussion tab on that page). Also, you can send an e-mail directly to another CAZypedian using the "Email this user" function in the toolbox on that person's user page (lower corner, lefthand menu).