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User:Xuanwei Mei

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Xuanwei Mei.jpg

Xuanwei Mei is currently a Ph.D. student at the College of Food Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China, under the instruction of Prof. Yaoguang Chang. His research focuses on the gene-mining and characterization of carbohydrate-binding modules. So far, he discovered and characterized five CBMs:

  • CBM16: ABP_Wf (alginate-binding CBM) [1]
  • CBM47: WfCBM47 (sulfated fucan-binding CBM) [2]
  • CBM70: SrCBM70 (hyaluronic acid-binding CBM) [3]
  • CBM92: Cgk16A-CBM92 (carrageenan-binding CBM; the first member of the CBM92 family) [4]
  • CBMnc: Fun174A-CBM (sulfated fucan-binding CBM) [5]


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