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User:Yaoguang Chang

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Yaoguang Chang.jpg

Yaoguang Chang obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Ocean University of China and was a visiting scholar at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. At present, he is a professor at the College of Food Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China. His research interests involve the gene-mining and characterization of CAZymes and carbohydrate-binding modules from marine polysaccharides. By utilizing the enzymes and binding proteins as critical tools, novel identification, quantification, and modification methods of marine polysaccharides were established, which would consequently facilitate the development and application of promising functional polysaccharides from the ocean. His research group discovered the first member of GH168, GH174, and CBM92 families, and contributed to the studies related to members of the following families:

  • GH16: κ-carrageenase Cgk16A [1], βκ-carrageenase Cgbk16A_Wf [2], β-porphyranase Por16A_Wf [3], and β-porphyranase Por16C_Wf [4]
  • GH29: fucosidase Alf1_Wf [5]
  • GH82: ι-carrageenase Cgi82A [6]
  • GH86: β-agarase Aga86A_Wa [7, 8]
  • GH168: endo-1,3-fucanase Fun168A [9]
  • GH174: endo-1,3-fucanase Fun174A [10]
  • PL7: alginate lyase Aly7B_Wf [11]
  • CBM16: ABP_Wf (alginate-binding CBM) [12]
  • CBM47: WfCBM47 (sulfated fucan-binding CBM) [13]
  • CBM70: SrCBM70 (hyaluronic acid-binding CBM) [14]
  • CBM92: Cgk16A-CBM92 (carrageenan-binding CBM) [15]
  • CBMnc: Fun174A-CBM (sulfated fucan-binding CBM) [16]

Some of the above biotechnological tools have been successfully integrated with glycomics [17, 18], lateral flow immunoassay [14], and other techniques, and served in the structural and chemical investigation of marine polysaccharides. And some enzymes have been employed to produce low molecular weight polysaccharides and oligosaccharides with verified bioactivities [19, 20].


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