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User:Henrik Stalbrand

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Stalbrand 01 picture only face 2013.jpg

Henrik Stalbrand is professor in Biochemistry at Lund University. His research group is focusing on the structure, function and applications of carbohydrate active enzymes, in particular hemicellulases [1, 2]. He obtained his PhD at Lund University in 1995 supervised by Folke Tjerneld. During a period he was visiting reseacher at VTT Biotechnology (Espoo) and during 1995 to 1997 he was a post doctoral fellow at UBC (Vancouver) with professor R.A.J. Warren and colleagues. He then joined Lund university and established his research group. Henrik´s research includes beta-mannanases (e.g. GH5 [3, 4] and GH26) [5, 6, 7] , alpha-galactosidases (e.g. GH27 and GH36) [8], and related enzymes [9].

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