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User:Wim Van den Ende

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This is the user page of Wim Van den Ende. I am a permanent researcher at the Lab of Molecular Plant Physiology, KULeuven, Belgium.

I am an agronomical engineer and a plant physiologist mainly focusing on fructan, sucrose and RFO metabolisms. Recently I became fascinated in the working mechanisms and different substrate specificities within glycoside hydrolase families GH32, GH68, GH27 and GH36.

My other research topics include:

  • Regulatory role of defect invertases in plants
  • Isolation of sucrose sensors
  • Stress tolerance mechanisms in plants
  • Rational enzym design and sugar docking
  • Sugars as antioxidants
  • Sugar signalling and source-sink relationships
  • Connections between sugars, ascorbate and ROS in mitochondria
  • Prebiotic compounds and functional food
  • Mechanisms in plant development