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I completed in 2012 my PhD studies focused on engineering glycoside hydrolases (GHs) into transglycosylases, particularly GH1 [1] and GH36 [2], under the supervision of professors Michel Dion and Vinh Tran.

After a few years working in a different field (radiochemistry and theoretical chemistry), I came back to the CAZymes world thanks to a postdoctoral position mentored by professor Birte Svensson (in Lyngby, close to Copenhagen, Denmark). I continued to work on engineering GHs, to turn them into transglycosylases as well as phosphorylases [3] and efficient glycosynthases. I also got more involved in completing glycoside hydrolases mechanisms, especially GH84 [3] and GH109, and started to work on glycosyltransferases.


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