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Carbohydrate Binding Module Families

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This pages lists all the Carbohydrate Binding Module (CBM) Family pages in CAZypedia that have been given Curator Approved status, as well as those that are currently under construction.

Several key reviews provide a comprehensive overview of the structure and function of these non-catalytic, accessory modules, which are often found in train with other CAZyme modules, e.g. GHs and GTs [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. The classification of CBMs mirrors that of the CAZy database [6].

Note: We are currently not actively focussed on developing individual CBM pages in CAZypedia at this point, although a long-term goal is to have complete coverage of all of the CBM families represented in the CAZy database. If you would like to become involved in the development of the CBM pages, please contact the CAZypedia team using this form, or by contacting the Primary Curator directly.

Curator Approved

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These pages have been approved by the Responsible Curator as essentially complete. CAZypedia is a living document, so further improvement of these pages is still possible; please see the individual pages for more information.

There are currently 47 Curator approved Glycoside Hydrolase Family pages in CAZypedia.

Under construction

Under construction icon-blue-48px.png
These pages are currently under construction in CAZypedia. As such, the Responsible Curator has deemed that the page's content is not quite up to CAZypedia's standards for full public consumption. All information on these pages should therefore be considered to be under revision and may be subject to major changes.

There are currently 5 Glycoside Hydrolase Family pages Under construction in CAZypedia.


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